My aim  is to coach powerlifters and other athletes of any level to reach their full strength potential. Whether you are a seasoned compettitor or just getting started, I will help you develop your technique and acquire the physical strength and mental resistance you need to reach your goal.

If you are a gym owner or powerlifting instructor, I can provide you with pointers and advice that will allow you to train your athletes.


  • Personal training:

          1 hour 64,95 euro (incl. btw)

          1,5 hours 84,95 euro (incl. btw)

          2 hours 99,95 euro (incl. btw)

  • Online coaching:

          Basic: Our basic package contains 24/7 online availability, phone whatsapp, video                                      feedback and a personalised programme on a weekly basis.

                                              Basic package: 64,95 euro (incl. btw)

          Standard: Go for the standard package and get 1.5 hour personal training for 84,95 euro                                 and get the basic package from 64,95 euro for only 40 euro.

                                              Standard package: 124,95 euro (incl. btw)

          Premium: Go for the premium package and get two times the 1,5 hour personal training                                   for 84,95 per session and get the basic package for free.

                                              Premium package:  169,90 euro (incl. btw)

  • Group training:

           Maximum of 4 men for 2 hrs 59,95 euro p.p. (incl. btw)

  • Workshops for gyms and universities:

          Call for estimate.

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