Kamila Kasperska Polish powerliftster: European junior classic champion.

“When I met Pjotr I had been doing Powerlifting for around 4 years and my strength progress had totally stopped. He proposed to help me, and he wrote a individual training plan to me. It was the best thing that happened in my Powerlifting career. Trainingsessions where much more harder then what I was doing before with many different combinations of the main lifts which were implemented, to improve my weak points. In one year time I did a unimaginable progress. My total increased  from 375kg to 442,5kg. It let me win the Classic European Championships, and got 2nd place on the European equipped Championship. Pjotr is a professional coach with a great knowledge about strength training and what is important for his athlete , he is lifter himsef also. He was coaching me online which is much more harder, but I could always count on his  support and advice. The programme  for the  next week  was always ready on time, after  deep analysis of the training sessions from the week before . I don’t mean only watching videos and feeback, but also long conversations about how the weights felt and how I felt. He supported always supported and believed in me even I was doubting myself. It’s very important fo the lifter to have support like this from the coaches side. Thanks Pjotr you are the best! :).”

Robin Sprenkels starting junior powerlifter.

“Before I started working with Pjotr, I had been training seriously for about two years. At first, my progress was quick and I loved it. However, after about a year my progress started to stall. I tried different programs and put a lot of work in, but nothing would work for me. I was getting frustrated with powerlifting and, although I love the sport of powerlifting and I really wanted to get stronger, the thought of giving up crossed my mind a few times. I did not want to give up though. A little over two months ago I reached out to Pjotr for coaching and it has honestly amazed me how fast he was able to get my progress going again. The way he was able to coach me on my technique and the way he set up my program really showed that he had a lot of experience and that he knew what he was talking about. Two weeks ago I competed in my first powerlifting meet and I lifted some big PR’s! Pjotr says that the best is yet to come and, with the amount of experience he has in this sport, I believe him fully. If you take your training seriously and you want to lift yourself to another level, look no further. Pjotr will get you there.”

Bianca McCarthy Australian powerlifster living in Japan.

“Pjotr has coached me for the past 3 years, and I have found him to be one of the most supportive, passionate, and also kindest, people in powerlifting. His personal experience in the sport is evident during the lead up to my competitions, when he seems to always be spot-on with training, and also when it comes to competition attempts. His support is unconditional and he pushes you to be your best. Thank you Pjotr for everything!”

Lijie Hu Dutch Junior powerlifter: 2nd national Student championships.

“As a competitive powerlifter, I attach importance on strength progression.
Since I’m being assisted by Pjotr, I have gained massively on my Squat, Bench & Deadlift in just a year. The programming is well structured and very effective!”

Jieyi Wu Chen Dutch powerliftster: 2nd National student championships.

“Pjotr knows how to motivate his athletes and his knowledge in powerlifting is enorm. I’ve not only improved my forms and lifts, but mentally as well. I’ve gained much confidence in myself and can also focus better now. Pjotr has really helped me in reaching my goals.”